Data Backup and Recovery Services

Data Backup and Recovery Services


Protect It, Because It Matters

Smart solutions for anytime access to your vital business information, preparing for disasters and unexpected failures, managing costs of protecting increasing data.

Offsite Vaulting

A comprehensive suite of services to help you transport, store, manage, relocate, and retrieve your backup media from a secure, offsite facility operated by trained experts. Services provide you with resources to manage your backup media across its lifecycle, including:

  • Offsite Tape Vaulting
  • BackupCare™
  • MediaCare™
  • Dedicated Transportation
  • Disaster Recovery Support
  • Tape Library Moves
  • Inventory Audit
  • Secure Media Destruction

Restoration and Migration

Enables you to restore and deliver data from legacy backup media, or convert historical data into usable formats for secured retention and easy access, so you can quickly identify the information you need, when you need it. Services available to assist you include:

  • Data Restoration services
  • Media Migration services
  • Tape Identification services

Online Storage Services

Cloud-based data backup solutions to help you administer and monitor your server backups simply and reliably, with point-and-click restoration via a web browser. 

  • Autonomy Connected
  • Autonomy LifeVault


Leverages our broad spectrum of technical experience and knowledge to offer practical advice in managing across your physical and digital records, share best practices and lead improvements programs. 

  • Get back up and run
  • Know you’re protected
  • Find what you need when you need it.

Policy & Procedures

An Information and Records Management program requires making policy statements about the creation, use, maintenance, protection, preservation, and eventual disposition of your records and information.

Iron Mountain Consulting guides your records management governance team through a series of best practice areas covering the information lifecycle, prompting them to make policy decisions that address both paper and electronic records. The formal Policy addresses roles and responsibilities, ownership of information assets, use of social media and electronic communication tools, chain of custody, legal holds, confidential destruction practices, and more.

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We're Iron Mountain, an Information Management Company

Iron Mountain is a world leader in information management services, assisting more than 156,000 organizations in 35 countries on five continents with storing, protecting and managing their information.

Publicly traded under NYSE symbol IRM, Iron Mountain is a S&P 500 company and a member of the Fortune 1000 (currently ranked: 675). Organizations in every major industry and of all sizes—including more than 97% of the Fortune 1000—rely on Iron Mountain as their information management partner. 

Altogether, our experience, knowledge and reputation for security have combined to make us the world’s leading provider of: Records management, Data backup and recovery & Information destruction.

Data Backup & Recovery Services

What are you doing to make sure your data is protected and available for recovery when the time comes? With Iron Mountain, your information will be protected by the most robust security processes in the the industry.