About Cloud Backup and Storage


  • Accessibility
  • Security (vs. onsite server storage)
  • Reliability (vs. onsite server storage)

Who Should Use Cloud Backup?

  • Companies looking for automatic backup
  • Companies needing to ensure data availability
  • Companies needing to manage bandwidth

Did You Know?

The top 3 drivers for investments in disaster recovery capabilities are:


Risk of business interruption


Loss of critical business data


Cost of unscheduled downtime

Iron Mountain: A World-Cloud Backup Service Company

Iron Mountain completely automates the backup process and allows customers to meet their recovery time and recovery point objectives.

We’re proud that our customers have put their trust with us. Cloud storage as a truly viable option has finally arrived. Cloud storage uses a pay-per-use model, offering on-demand, flexible storage. Industry analysts now report that it is particularly useful for secondary storage.

In the end, it’s all about recoverability. Iron Mountain has unmatched experience helping organizations recover from actual disasters. We have the resources and procedures in place to move large volumes of data in short time frames.