Digitize Your Business

Less paper. More efficient. Better business.
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Digitize Your Business

Less paper. More efficient. Better business.

Switching from physical to digital file storage is the name of the game. But to become a paperless office, where do you start?

By scanning documents to a digital storage solution, your company makes more room for its future valuable assets and eases file access. Whether it’s bulk scanning services or smaller projects, finding the right solution and getting everything done can take a lot of time and resources. The less time spent searching equals more time for pushing business innovation boundaries.

As you digitize all aspects of your office, Iron Mountain is here to help.

We convert the physical to an organized library of digital files. We provide 24/7 access capabilities. We store what you need, destroy what you don’t, and answer the online search call to find “scanning places near me.”

Iron Mountain saves your team the stress of digital business transformation in a secure fashion. Meet us where valuable space increases and money spent on time-wasting activities diminishes - the Iron Mountain way.

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Get Rid of Your Boxes and Piles of Paperwork

Our document scanning and imaging solution converts your paper piles into a library of digital files.
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Scan As You Need

By scanning your documents, you get a secure solution for converting to a digital format providing you with fast and easy access, anytime you need them.
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Store or Destroy What You Don’t Scan

Most companies don’t need to scan every single document in their office. Securely store your documents offsite or shred documents you no longer need to save even more space (and money).

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About Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is a world leader in information management services, assisting more than 156,000 organizations in 32 countries on five continents with storing, protecting and managing their information.

“Before partnering with Iron Mountain, we needed to drop everything, locate and pull invoices and research transaction histories manually. Now, we have online access to invoices to review with a quick keystroke.”

– Scott Brunner, Manager of Disbursements & Commitment Accounting, SunGard Availability Services

Our extensive network of imaging centers, document scanning and indexing services, secure storage options and workflow automation solutions can help accelerate your transition to a more digital workplace.