Why Shredding is Necessary for your Small Businesses

Shredding Key for Overwhelmed Businesses

Why Shredding is Necessary for your Small Businesses

Rethink How to Securely Dispose of Your Records

Businesses of all sizes have sensitive information stored in various formats. Many Federal and State Laws require organizations to securely destroy confidential or personally identifiable information. So yes, there is a need to securely dispose and destroy documents with sensitive information to not only comply with these laws but also to provide operational transparency and efficiency.

Your organization creates documents that contain private and sensitive information. But what happens if that information ends up in the wrong hands? The consequences of a security breach can be devastating. If a breach occurs, here’s what it could mean for your organization:

  • Investigations, audits, fines and sanctions
  • Severe damage to your organization’s reputation
  • Loss of your customer’s trust

However you choose to dispose of your documents, Iron Mountain has a safe and cost-effective way to rid yourself of unused paper-based documents. When it comes to secure shredding, here are your options:

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One-Time Shredding

If your business doesn’t routinely create a large volume of paper documents, one-time shredding may be your best option. It’s a cost-effective way to securely and conveniently rid your organization of files once or on an as needed basis.
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Recurring Shredding

Organizations that regularly have sensitive information that requires ongoing destruction should invest in recurring shredding. Depending on your needs, we offer both secure onsite and offsite shredding options. Your team can manage all of its shredding needs through our online management portal.

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Documents located at home? No problem. Click here to explore our residential shredding services.


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We'll come to your home and take care of shredding your documents securely and professionally, whether they're personal or business-related. Onsite and offsite services available for most locations.

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Why Iron Mountain?

  • NAID certified shredding, serving small and medium businesses for 60+ years
  • 73,000+ customers across North America
  • 40,000 pounds of paper shredded monthly saving more than 4 million trees annually
  • Sustainability promise
  • Online account management through Iron Mountain Connect
  • Variety of professional-grade, locked shred bins at no additional charge
  • Certificate of destruction provided in monthly invoice
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About Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is a world leader in information management services, assisting more than 156,000 organizations in 32 countries on five continents with storing, protecting and managing their information.

“Before partnering with Iron Mountain, we needed to drop everything, locate and pull invoices and research transaction histories manually. Now, we have online access to invoices to review with a quick keystroke.”

– Scott Brunner, Manager of Disbursements & Commitment Accounting, SunGard Availability Services

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